Table Shape

Choose your top in square or rectangle.

Square Top

Rectangle Top


Wood & Color

Our hardwood choices are Cherry, White Oak, and Walnut. Each species have different color options represented on our rough sawn and smooth tabletop styles. Sample can be ordered here.


White Oak


All wood and color options come with a strong, durable matte polyurethane finish to ensure heavy, longterm use.


Top Style

Three distinct tabletop styles to choose from.

Farm Rough

An uneven, rough-sawn surface (with saw marks) featuring board seams and breadboard ends creates a beautiful, rustic, distressed appearance. The top thickness is 2½ inches.

Farm Smooth

A flat, smooth surface (free of saw marks) with board seams and breadboard ends creates a beautiful, clean look that brings out the wood grain. The top thickness is 2½ inches.

Seamless Slab

A seamless, smooth, thinner surface, our Seamless Slab top gives the appearance of one solid wood slab for a cleaner, more modern look. The top thickness is 1½ inches.



Complete your table with a matching bench or two.

The Moscati Pedestal

From $2,250

Our inaugural pedestal design, The Moscati Pedestal custom dining table, seamlessly combines laid-back comfort with sleek lines and a fashionable allure. Ideal for breakfast nooks and dining spaces of various sizes, this adaptable design caters to a range of tabletop shapes with a single pedestal. It can also be transformed into a trestle style to provide additional seating options. The table’s distinctive and stylish pedestal base ensures an eye-catching appearance that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

  • Total

  • Tables and benches come with felt feet pads for easy sliding and protection on floors.
  • Bench Dimensions: Seat height: 18″, Seat width/depth: 16″
  • Bench With Back Dimensions: Seat height: 18″, Seat width/depth: 18″, Back height: 32″


Cherry wood exudes elegance, timelessness, and strength, characterized by abstract patterns and tight waves in its grain. Renowned for its distinctive color and aging transformation, it begins as a light pink and gradually deepens into a luxurious reddish hue, acquiring a lustrous patina over time. Whether showcased in its natural state or enhanced with staining, cherry wood radiates a captivating aesthetic.

White Oak

White Oak wood possesses exceptional durability and strength, characterized by a grain pattern featuring long lines and rounded arches. In its natural form, White Oak tends to exhibit a lighter shade of beige. This light coloring renders Oak an ideal hardwood for staining with any of our custom colors.


Walnut wood epitomizes sophistication and enduring elegance. Renowned for its opulent chocolate hue adorned with creamy blonde streaks, it accentuates its exquisite and distinctive grain patterns. Whether in its natural form or enhanced with our custom stains, walnut exudes a stunning aesthetic appeal.


Poplar is the standard choice of wood for our table bases. It’s a beautiful hardwood that we stain to complement the table top and to add a uniqueness that can only be provided by us. While Poplar is softer compared to the other hardwoods we offer, it showcases exceptional aesthetics when stained or painted.

Local Pickup

If you’re located in Michigan, take advantage of our complimentary furniture pickup service! Simply visit us in Hartland, Michigan, bringing along your truck, blankets, straps, and some strength (as real wood furniture can be quite hefty), and we’ll ensure you leave well taken care of.

Shipping & Delivery

We exclusively rely on private shippers for our delivery services. The majority of these shippers are independent drivers who may require help unloading substantial items, such as tabletops and bench tops, into your home upon arrival. It’s important to note that they won’t be responsible for setting up the delivered items.

The driver will reach out to you in advance, providing details about the scheduled delivery time and day based on their availability. Therefore, we kindly ask for your flexibility in accommodating their schedule. Once the item is in the hands of the driver, it becomes their responsibility. Should any issues arise upon delivery, please inform the driver promptly to arrange for a return or further discussion with us.

In Michigan

$200 flat rate. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Throughout the U.S.*

$400 flat rate. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

*Currently, the shipping cost to California, Oregon, and Washington is $800.

Inspection Upon Delivery

Please look over your item when it arrives from the shipper. Sometimes things happen – and if something arrives damaged, it is your responsibility to look it over and send it back with the shipper it came with so they can bring it back to us. If not – you’ll be responsible to return the item if you’d like us to fix it! We’d be happy to do so!

Easy Assembly

All our tables will arrive disassembled. Not to worry, we’ve provided the hardware and simple instructions for you to easily put it back together in minutes!

If you have any questions about our shipping, please contact us.


How long will it take?

Upon commencement, our timeline for crafting these custom dining pieces is approximately 3 weeks. However, please anticipate a longer turnaround time based on our current order volume. Order the luxury table you've always wanted for your home today and secure your spot in our production queue!

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  • Completed around: August 9th - 16th

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  • 2 weeks for delivery

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