Our Story

Unique styles, premium hardwoods, artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail - we handcraft custom farmhouse tables that are made to last for a lifetime of memories.


Love of Craftsmanship

Things made by hand are rare in our world. They represent a love of craftsmanship inspired by a tradition of artistry handed down over generations. Hello! I'm David Zupec, owner and craftsman. I've always had a passion for woodworking since I was a kid. I love the process of designing, milling and sculpting raw wood into a beautiful piece of furniture for families and friends to gather around.

My dad, a retired engineer and master craftsman has been my inspiration and biggest supporter along the way. As a young child, I spent many hours at his side, watching and learning as he worked on projects in his shop. He's built many beautiful pieces of furniture for my mom and their homes throughout the years. Today we both work together, each with a different skill set that complements each other.


Furniture and Family

Great Lakes Farmhouse was born out of a passion for two of my greatest loves: furniture and family. My passion is creating unique and family-friendly furniture that's made for gathering. Places where their best memories are made.

In 2015, what started as a desire to create a farmhouse table for my home grew into the opportunity to do the same for family. One by one, they trusted me to build them a table. Over time I began to trust myself.

Then in early 2018 my dad and I officially launched Great Lakes Farmhouse. What started as a modest custom table operation in our shop in Hartland, Michigan and sold locally, grew into a collection of dining pieces ordered directly through our website and delivered to homes across America.


Handmade Farmhouse Tables. Redefined.

We build unique, heirloom quality, custom farmhouse tables the old school way—handcrafted. Using the finest premium hardwoods along with the best finishes and craftsmanship, our small family owned operation enables us to provide nothing less than exceptional craftsmanship, value, and service throughout our company.


Quality That Endures

We make every one of our custom farmhouse tables with a focus on quality and attention to detail. All our unique styles are handmade with American hardwoods that contain saw marks, knots, and cracks. We celebrate these beautiful imperfections! This is what gives our pieces their beautiful, rustic character.

Every cut, every detail represents a passion and a love to create something one of a kind. Using the highest quality hardwoods along with the best finishes and craftsmanship, our farmhouse tables get more beautiful with age and use.


Around the Table

Born and raised Catholic, God and family has always been the most important in our home. Evenings were spent around the dining table eating and coming together as a family to share, to learn, to grow, and give thanks.

That is why we believe our custom farmhouse tables are more than just a piece of furniture, it's the heart of the home. Whether it's reconnecting with an old friend, reaching out to a new neighbor, or opening up your home for guests to feel welcome, the table represents coming together with family and friends. Gather around in modern farmhouse style and create the memories that will last a lifetime.

We hope Great Lakes Farmhouse can be part of your family's story.

– David Jr. & David Sr.