Table Care

Follow our table care instructions to maintain a quality finish and your custom farm table will be a long-lasting symbol of timeless beauty.

Dust Removal & Cleaning

Maintaining the appearance of your table and furniture is best achieved through regular dusting using a gentle cloth to prevent dust accumulation on the wood. To address dust and crumbs lodged in the seams of your table's top boards, a quick solution is to use a vacuum with a soft brush along the seams.

For food spills, it is advisable to use a slightly dampened soft cloth with water. It is important to note that, as with all high-quality furniture finishes, the use of furniture polish, chemical cleaners, or dusting sprays should be avoided.

Handling Heat & Moisture

While the finish is robust and water-resistant, it is not entirely immune to standing water condensation. Promptly wiping up spills is essential for preserving the quality of any fine furniture finish. To safeguard against water condensation, use coasters, and employ pot holders to shield the wood from heat.

Should you have any further inquiries regarding the care of your custom farm table, please feel free to reach out to us.