Ordering Process

We've made ordering the custom farmhouse table you've always wanted for your family and home an easy process for you.  


Make It Yours

Start by selecting your favorite model, then choose from an array of options including size, color, rusticness, and wood species. The aesthetic details are all up to you. Once you’ve made your custom selections, your order receives our sole attention as we handcraft each table from scratch in our shop located in Hartland, Michigan.


We Start Building

Then the fun part begins as we start building your custom farmhouse table to your specifications. For the next 10-14 days there's lots of measuring, milling, and assembling as we prepare your custom table for its new home. We'll also email you progress pics of your new table being built to keep you in the loop so you can be apart of our process.


Ready for Home

Finally, you'll receive an email confirming your custom farmhouse table is ready to go home. If you live in Michigan you can save on shipping costs and pickup your order. You'll need a truck, straps, blankets and some muscle. We'll help you get loaded up. If it's being delivered to your home, our delivery timeframe is 1-3 weeks. We ship nationwide.


Create Lasting Memories

We believe our custom farmhouse tables are more than just a piece of furniture, it's the heart of the home. From breakfast together to dinner parties to hosting holiday gatherings, so many favorite moments happen at the table. Gather around in modern farmhouse style and create the memories that will last a lifetime.

Need Some Help?

Are you interested in ordering a custom farmhouse table and have some questions? Please let us know how we can help!

How Long Will It Take?

Our production time is 8-10 weeks. This represents our current order volume and the time it will take to complete your custom table. Order the luxury farmhouse table you've always wanted for your family and home today and secure your spot in our production queue!