Installing Your Leaves

Your leaf extensions are designed for easy installation and made from solid premium hardwoods to last a lifetime! There are no metal mechanisms that usually require two people to install and can cause issues or even worse, wear out over time.

table leaf install

Table and leaf extensions are marked A and B

Your leaf extensions and table top are marked A and B on the underside. The leaf extension marked A will slide into the A side of your table and the leaf extension marked B will slide into the B side of your table.

Installing your leaf extensions

When installing and removing your leaf extensions, keep the leaves level to your table top as you slide it in and out. You might need to slightly lift up on your leaf to keep it parallel as you slide it in and out, as it might catch slightly on your table frame underneath if it's not parallel.

If you experience some sticking over the years of usage, we recommend Minwax Paste Finishing Wax (found at Home Depot or hardware stores) and rub around the rails on your leaf extensions. We've already applied some to your leaves.

Storing your leaves

When the leaves are not being used they will need to be stored in a controlled temperature environment (in a closet, under a bed) not in a garage or an unfinished basement, etc.

Please Note:

NEVER lift or move your table with the leaf extensions attached.

NEVER sit on the ends of the leaf extensions.