Installing Your Leaves

Table and leaf extensions are marked A and B

The underside of your leaf extensions and table top is labeled with markings A and B. Insert the leaf extension labeled A into the A side of your table, and similarly, the leaf extension marked B should be slid into the B side of your table.

Installing your leaf extensions (see video)

When inserting or removing leaf extensions, make sure the leaves stay aligned with the tabletop as you slide them in or out. It might be necessary to lift the leaf slightly to keep it parallel during the sliding, preventing it from snagging on the table frame below if it's not parallel.

After inserting the leaf, lift it and access underneath to extend each support slider fully.

Storing your leaves

When the leaves are not being used they will need to be stored in a controlled temperature environment (in a closet, under a bed) not in a garage or an unfinished basement, etc.

Please Note:

NEVER LIFT OR MOVE your table with the leaf extensions attached.

NEVER SIT OR LEAN on the ends of the leaf extensions.