Signature Bench With Back


Handmade to complement all our farm tables, our Signature Bench With Back is the perfect seating option for style, comfort and maximizing your seating capacity. The perfectly angled back provides for long comfortable seating and it’s great for kids too.

Our benches are exclusively offered as part of a package with our custom tables and are not available for individual purchase.

  • Features felt feet pads for easy sliding and protection on floors.
  • Bench With Back Dimensions: Seat height: 18″, Seat width/depth: 18″, Back height: 32″


Cherry wood exudes elegance, timelessness, and strength, characterized by abstract patterns and tight waves in its grain. Renowned for its distinctive color and aging transformation, it begins as a light pink and gradually deepens into a luxurious reddish hue, acquiring a lustrous patina over time. Whether showcased in its natural state or enhanced with staining, cherry wood radiates a captivating aesthetic.

White Oak

White Oak wood possesses exceptional durability and strength, characterized by a grain pattern featuring long lines and rounded arches. In its natural form, White Oak tends to exhibit a lighter shade of beige. This light coloring renders Oak an ideal hardwood for staining with any of our custom colors.


Walnut wood epitomizes sophistication and enduring elegance. Renowned for its opulent chocolate hue adorned with creamy blonde streaks, it accentuates its exquisite and distinctive grain patterns. Whether in its natural form or enhanced with our custom stains, walnut exudes a stunning aesthetic appeal.


Poplar is the standard choice of wood for our table bases. It’s a beautiful hardwood that we use to complement the top style and color of your choice. While Poplar is softer compared to the other hardwoods we offer, it showcases exceptional aesthetics when stained or painted.


How long will it take?

It typically takes us 10-15 days to build these custom dining pieces. However, please anticipate a longer turnaround time due to our current order volume. Order the luxury farm table you've always wanted for your family and home today and secure your spot in our production queue!

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